Winter Storm Threatens U.S. East Coast…Job, in the Bible, prophesied that Allah (God) has the snow and ice to use as His weapon in the day of war and battle against the wicked.


While we are looking at all of the unusual weather patterns and the destruction and grief they bring, we must not look at  these things without taking into account the prophesies of the prophets and the work of the Lord. All that we see, hear, and feel has been foretold long before we ever came of the scene.

The storms, the rain, the floods, the tornadoes and the disasters, one right after the other, these are all the work of a angry God who is now on the scene directing these things in person. We may think they at terrible ,but the are beautiful in His eyesight.

America and the Western world are preparing for more. They have fallen headlong deep into the Judgment of America, and the white world in general.

I want you to take note of this…”The four great judgments that Almighty Allah (God) is bringing    upon America are rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. We see them now covering all sides of    America, as the Holy Qur’an prophesies curtailing on all her sides. And these    judgments would push the people into the center of the country, and there they would    realize that it is Allah (God) Who is bringing them and their country to a naught.

 Job, in the Bible, prophesied that Allah (God) has the snow and    ice to use as His weapon in the day of war and battle against the wicked. We hear and read    in the newspapers today of how great, hill-like, little mountains of snow are pushing down    from the north not only in the northern states of Minnesota, North and South Dakotas and    Montana; but now the snow is in the New England States and they are declared to be    disaster areas. The announcer of the disaster of snow in the New England States said that    there have never been such great quantities of snow. All up and down the coast to the    Carolinas, the rain takes up where the snow leaves off.”–pg.154(tfoa)

  Winter Storm Threatens U.S. East Coast

Winter Storm East Coast

Snow-covered Lake Michigan is seen Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013, in Chicago. Two bursts of light snow are likely to total 1 to 2 inches area-wide, making this the snowiest Christmas in the Chicago area since 2002 when 2 inches fell. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh) | ASSOCIATED PRESS
 Source: Reuters via
  The eastern United States faces  a major winter storm this week that could reach blizzard  conditions in some areas and snarl plans for travelers returning  from holiday trips, forecasters said on Wednesday.

The powerful storm will stretch from the Midwest into the  mid-Atlantic states and New England on Thursday and Friday,  forecasters said.

“We are telling people, prepare for road closings and take  mass transit. Especially tomorrow,” New York Governor Andrew  Cuomo told reporters in a conference call about the storm.

A double-barreled weather system aimed at both upstate New  York and the New York metropolitan area, especially Long Island,  could dump 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30.5 cm) of snow accompanied  by high winds and frigid temperatures, he said.

The National Weather Service forecast snowfall along the  I-90 highway corridor from Chicago to Syracuse, New York, to  Boston through early Friday.

The heaviest accumulations – up to a foot (30.5 cm) – were  forecast for the New York metropolitan area, parts of  Connecticut and in Providence, Rhode Island, and Boston, said  Alex Sosnowski, senior meteorologist for

Less snowfall is expected in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. A  quick freeze and slippery conditions are likely around Baltimore  and Washington, he said.

“It will be far from the worst storm to ever hit the area,  but people should be prepared for flight delays and  cancellations,” Sosnowski wrote on the website.

More than 94 million people were estimated to be traveling  during the holiday season through Jan. 1, according to the  automotive group AAA, although many people may not be planning  to head home until later this week or over the weekend.

The last time a major storm slammed into the New York area  at the winter holidays was in 2010, when 20 inches (50 cm) of  snow fell on the city two days after Christmas. Streets were  clogged, transportation slowed to a crawl and emergency services  were snarled for days.

This powerful storm is likely to bring biting winds,  Sosnowski said.

Another storm may bring move into the Northeast on Sunday, said.     (Additional reporting by Barbara Goldberg)

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