Reprinted from December, 1960 (Vol. 1, No. 4 ) edition of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper: Elijah Muhammad Invades Atlanta !

Submitted By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

In 1960 The Nation Of Islam, under the Leadership of  The Last Of ALLAH’s Messengers; Honorable Elijah Muhammad (pbuh) , open up a Temple in Atlanta , GA. The Messenger Elijah Muhammad(pbuh) defied the Klu Klux Klan’s threats to bring the religion Of Islam to the Black people in a Major Southern American City ! This made history , and shows the brave and noble work of the Messenger Elijah Muhammad and the Nation Of Islam during a time when Blacks were still being lynched in the Southern parts of America.

The following is a Reprinted from December, 1960 (Vol. 1, No. 4 ) edition of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper :

Defies Klu Klux Klan

Elijah Muhammad Invades Atlanta

Muhammad Returns Home To Georgia: Demands Land!

As-Salaam-Alaikum: In the name of Allah, the most Merciful God, to whom all holy praises are due; the Lord of all the worlds; the most Merciful Finder (of ) and Lifegiver to the Lost-found, mentally dead so-called Negroes here in the Wilderness of North America.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters: I am more than honored by your presence here this afternoon and our sincere welcome to me and to my followers here in this great city of Atlanta.

I thank Allah for Minister Jeremiah, my faithful minister here whose tireless efforts in Atlanta and thoughout the South have made this great gathering here today possible. The work that Minister Jeremiah has been doing here in the South has pleased Allah, and it has pleased me too.

Year after year I receive letters from many converts here in Atlanta, and I know that the Word of Allah is spreading rapidly among our people here in the South because of the ever increasing volume of your letters to me. And my beloved people, I want you to know that those of you here in Atlanta and in other parts of the South who accept Islam, which is the true religion of Almighty God, are not alone.

Not only do you have a fast-growing number of Brothers and Sisters in all of the Northern cities, but you have 725 million more Brothers and Sisters in the World of Islam.

I am also thankful to my followers who have traveled here to Atlanta to be with me today from my various temples throughout America, and especially the caravan of young Muslims who motored over 2000 miles all the way from Los Angeles, California to be here on this grand occasion.


My followers are with me wherever I go, and it is wonderful to have such sincere people who will follow you all around the country like this because it shows unity, and it also shows there is no religion that can produce unity like the unity produced by Islam.

Yes, today the Muslims are in all the major cities of America, and if you look around in the smaller cities you will find us there also. Just walk around saying As- Salaam Alaikum,” and pretty soon someone will reply, “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.”

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, again I must thank Allah for permitting me to be in your presence here in Atlanta this afternoon. I am thankful also to the Atlanta Police Department for the courtesies they have shown us here in this city, and I want everyone to know we are a people who are grateful to anyone who is nice toward us.

We are a people of peace. We are seeking to spread brotherly love among the so-called Negroes for it is they who have been deprived of brotherly love. We (Muslims) have come through the same trials and tribulations as they have, and now we want them to see and share the brotherhood that Islam has given us.

Last Religion.

Islam is not a new religion. Islam is not a religion that has been organized by the white man. Islam is the religion of God Himself, and Islam is the religion of all the prophets of God, from Adam to Muhammad (the last).

Islam was the religion of Moses, Noah, Abraham and Jesus. Islam will be the last of the three great religions (Buddhism, Christiantity, and Islam) that now dominate the earth. Islam must be the last of these three great religions because God Himself is the Author of Islam, and Islam is to bring peace and contentment after this war and trouble-making world, which you now know, has been destroyed.. . .and you can see that this trouble-making world is already on its way out.

Islam has not made great progress for the past 6000 years because this is the religion that God Himself would spread in the “last days.” If Islam had been forced upon all the people of the earth during the past 6000 years there would not have been any “world of Christianity,” there would not have been any “World of Buddhism,”… and there would never have been anything like “The Caucasian World.” Islam would have prevented their progress.

God Himself has held Islam “in check” to give these other “worlds free reign during the past 6000 years. But, Islam was the religion of the black people who lived before Adam was made, as far back as 66 trillion years ago when the earth and the moon were together and formed one and the same planet . . . and which at that time was called “moon” instead of earth.

According to the word of Allah to me, one of our wise black scientists was upset over the dialect the people were speaking, and he wanted to change the language and make all of the people speak the same dialect. He became angry because he could not get the others to go along with him, and when he saw that he could not accomplish what he wanted, he drilled a huge shaft into this planet for about four or five thousand miles deep, and filling that hole with high explosives he set it off, with the intention of destroying all civilization. He thought he could get rid of us.

No Life.

That part of the planet which we call “moon” today was blasted 12,000 miles from its original pocket that it had been rotating in at the time of the explosion, and this part that we call “earth” today dropped 36,000 miles from that pocket and found another pocket and started rotating again. . . ( it all happened in the twinkling of an eye) and that part (moon) that was blasted away dropped all of its water upon this part (earth), and this is why three-fourths of the earth’s surface today is covered by water, and also why there is no life on the moon.

We are the people who devised that great destruction of our planet. That part (moon) that you see up there in the sky shining at night was once joined with this part (earth) that we now live on. Before the explosion the entire planet was then called “moon.” (Not really by the word “moon” that we use today, but by a word in Arabic that means practically the same thing.)

We will have another great destruction, and we will provide that one too. We ourselves (the black nation) are a people who can never be destroyed. There never was a time when we (the black nation) didn’t exist. We don’t have any birth record of the black nation. We have no beginning and we have no ending. So don’t talk about getting rid of the Black Man, because you cannot do it.

Birth State.

Again I say, we are happy to be in Atlanta today, the capital of Georgia . . .my birth state. I was born in this state.  And grew up in this state. I was a grown man, married and the father of children even before I left this state. So don’t try and make me accquainted with Georgia. I am already acquainted with Georgia.

This great city of Atlanta with its fine colleges, institutions of learning, is one of America’s most important cities, and is even the gateway to the South.

We thank the city for permitting us to enter it, and the courtesy of the police department, and the mayor of this great city, and the governor of the state. We are happy to be called one of your own state-borned sons.

My beloved people, I am one of your brothers. I am not a foreigner, but I have a Divine message from the Lord of the Worlds that sounds foreign to you because you have not heard it before.

I want you to know that we so -called Negroes are the people who have been on this planet for trillions of years. I say “so-called Negroes” because you are not a Negro. You are members of the Asiatic Nation, from the Tribe of Shabazz. There is no such thing as a race of Negroes. This is a false name given you during slaverly by your slavemaster, who, after robbing you completely of your knowledge of your homeland, your parents, and your culture, called you “Negro” or Nigger because that word means something that is “NEUTER” or NEUTRAL.” Therefore you are now a little group of people on this earth who stand out because you have become neutralized by ignorance of yourself and your own kind, and of your enemy.

You are “neutral” . . . not united with yourselves, among yourselves, nor are you united with your own people of your own world.

Since ignorance of self and others of self makes you reluctant to unite with your own kind, and despite your love and worship of your slavemaster he will not let you unite with him . . .thus you are in the middle, standing alone, neutralized by your own lack of knowledge, unacceptable to either friend or foe . . . NEGROES!!!

This is why you are called NEGRO. The slavemaster gave you this name because he understood the meaning of it, although Webster has cunningly kept you away from the true meaning of it, by saying it refers to black people . . . and especially the black African who has no education or independence.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, and distinguished educators of Atlanta , you have often wondered why you had to call yourselves by this name “Negro.” It has been due to the fact that you didn’t know its origin and you didn’t know your origin. You have been asleep. You don’t know whom you are from, where you are from, where you are going, how you should stand, how you should sit . . . you know nothing at all but what your slavemaster chooses to tell you, and since he tells you only that which will benefit himself and his own kind, you have been made into a NEUTRAL person.. . a shiftless, helpless NEGRO.


If the white man says to you, “Jonny, go back home, I have no work for you today,” you go back home and sit down and wait for the white man to send for you (when he sees fit) to come back and work on his job. You don’t try to create a job for yourself. You are shiftless because the lack of “proper”education and self-knowledge has left you lifeless (mentally, economically, and otherwise).

I am not making fun of you. I am trying to lead you to the point where you can see the basic cause of your condition.

I am one of you. I came through the same trials and tribulation and the same hell that you did.

What I say about you I am also saying it about myself. I am your brother; I am here, if necessary, to give my life to save yours. I am not running from death. I am running to save your life. So take me for a friend and not an enemy.

You must learn to make jobs for yourselves so that the next time “boss” tells you he does not have any work for you, you can tell him that you are going to do some work for yourself.

Three hundred years under the persecution of your slavemaster has made you into a blind, deaf, and dumb…and an absolutely “dead” people. He has taught you to eat the rotten and worse type of foods, even the flesh of that poisonous animal, the swine (pork). . . filling your stomach with this poison meat (pork) has deteriorated you physically, mentally as well as morally.

The Arab word for the pig is “Khainsuer.” (“khain” means “I see,” and “suer” means “very foul.” ) This word thus means “I see something that  is very foul, filthy, diseased, something that is not fit to be eaten by intelligent, civilized people.

Poison Meat.

Your slavemaster reared you on this poisonous meat, which has dulled your brains, and you ceased to think about your past history, and then you were deprived easily of the knowledge of your own God and your own religion. Thus it became easy for the slavemaster to deprive you also of the knowledge of your own kind, and the knowledge of his kind.

Now you don’t know the way back to your own kind, and his kind won’t accept you . . . so they call you Nigger or Negro, which means deaf, dumb, and blind. . . neutral , dead, lifeless.

We, the Nation of Islam, who believe in freedom, justice and equality stand not only before you today, but before the entire world as we declare this truth about the American so-called Negroes.

The nations of earth are faced today with a worse problem than has ever presented itself in the history of mankids, and the primary ingredient of this great “world problem” involves the condition and position of the so-called Negro here in America. . . 20 million ex-slaves who have become a nation within a nation and who are now crying out for something that they can call their own.

This is creating a problem not only for America , but for the entire world, and that problem is: how to give you a knowledge and understanding of yourself, teach you the knowledge of your own God and your own religion. and to teach you the knowledge of your own nation so that you can make a stand for yourselves as other nations are making for themselves.

This problem is so delicate and complicated that only God Himself can solve it. I am not a man who has grabbed a suitcase with a bible in it upon my own impulses. No! I stand before you as a man who has been chosen for you by God Himself. I did not choose myself. This must be made clear! The Divine Revelation which I have received and which I am preaching to you and to the entire world came to me from the Mouth of God.

I did not see Him in a vision and receive my mission ia a vision as others before me received theirs. I was in the Presence of God for over three years, and I received what I am teaching you directly from His Mouth .

Let the infidels curse and swear at me. Let the infidels go on the warpath of propaganda against Elijah, but I warn you: “You better listen today to him who has received his instructions directly from the Mouth of Almighty God.”

I did not receive this gospel from a paper, nor a book, nor from a vision, nor from an angel, but directly from the Mouth of Almighthy God Himself.

Absolute Cure.

My beloved people: I know your problems and your burdens; I know your problems and your burdens; I know what you go through; you don’t have to tell me. . . for I have the ABSOLUTE CURE for all your problems and ailments.

All you have to do is listen to what I say, and then jump up on your feet and follow me.

I don’t want you to be too proud, as others were in former times; they were to proud to follow the words of the prophets. I don’t want you to be like that. I want you to place more value on your life than they did.

Think something of your future, and your children, and your people. Accept Allah and His religion and follow me and I will lead you to Him and to a heaven right here on this earth.

Come and follow me, and you will not have to wait until after you die  to see God, nor will you have wait until after you die to enjoy a heaven somewhere up in the sky.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters: after receiving this Divine Revelation that I am teaching you from the Mouth of God, I have not stopped one day for the last twenty nine years. I have been standing, preaching to you throughout these past twenty-nine years, while I was free and even while I was in bondage.

I spent three and one-half years in the federal penitentiary and also over a year in the city jail for teaching this truth. I was also deprived of a father’s love for his family for seven long years while I was running from hyprocrites and other enemies of this word and revelation of God. and which will give life to you and put you on the same level with all other civilized and independent nations of the earth.. . . and this is the greatest desire of Almighty God Allah and Elijah Muhammad.

This afternoon I want to teach the so-called American Negroes the true knowledge of themselves that will lift them from the bottom and place them back at the top of civilization.


I know how you feel. I know how you think. You think as Ezekiel says of you. Ezekiel says, “This whole House of Israel, they say their hope was lost and they were cut off from their fathers.”

You are a people who are all hopeless because you think there is no hope for you. You think that because you have been cut off from your own people for so long there is no chance of you ever uniting or of ever becoming anything but what you now are.

I say you arre wrong. The God of your Fathers, whose proper name is Allah, will stregthen you and cause you to stand upon your own feet as an independent people in the eyes of other people on this earth.

Grave of Ignorance.

This Truth that I am teaching will raise you up from the grave, not out of the earthly grave, but out of the grave of ignorance.”

You just need the knowledge of yourself, your own God and your own religion.

God has missioned me to give you this Truth: freedom, justice, and equality.

These are the things I must teach you about: freedom first, because you have never been free here in America. You know nothing about the pleasures or happiness of a free person. You know nothing about justice. You know nothing about equality, or being equal with other civilized nations of earth.

I know you and your thoughts about me and what I teach. Inwardly, some of you are with me 100% but outwardly you are not. Why?  Because you have the greatest enemey over you, a man can have, and that is “FEAR.”  Fear is your greatest enemy.

You were filled with fear of your slavemaster when you were little babies, over 400 years ago when our fathers were brought in chains to the westen hemisphere on a slave ship what was named “The Good Ship Jesus.” The captain of that ship was an English Christian named John Hawkins.

The American white people had come to this country from Europe and had already begun to subdue the Indians. We were brought here to a people who could not speak our language nor could we speak theirs. Thus the languaage of our forefathers was soon destroyed, and you know nohing about it today.

The language of the slavemaster was forced upon our foreparents, and they were brought up also wearing the names of the slavemasters.

Today, you are still speaking their language and wearing their names.

During 300 long years of slavery you were deprived of the privilege of even going to church, and there were no such things as schools for you in those days. Besides depriving you of education the slavemaster did not teach you about God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost that he is now teaching you about today. You were never allowed to sit with them in their churches until just a few years ago.

Beloved brothers and sisters, think over this: for over 400 years you had no knowledge of yourselves, no knowledge of your own religion, and no knowledge of the biblical prophesies and predictions pertaining to the “lost people” who would be on this planet until the last days, and whom God Himself would have to search for and then save them from the clutches of their enemies.

You have never been given a knowledge of that because your slavemaster knew those prophesies were speaking about you (the American so-called Negroes).

For less than 100 years now a little bit of the Christian religion has been taught to you in a diluted form, but never the full text of it. You have never learned the prophetic fate of Christianity, nor do you know anything about the caucasian people who have translated the bible into their language.Yet, you are a people who think you know all about the bible, and all about Christianity, and you are even foolish enough to believe that nothing is right but Christianity.

Revised Bible.

Your slave master tampered with the words of the bible; he “translated” it; he “revised” it; he fixed the reading of it to make you a worse slave than your forparents were.

The slavemaster is the “god” who “sent” some of your fellow slaves to preach to you. Their favorite text was, “Servant, obey your master.” but he didn’t really have to preach that because the lashes of the whip upon the backs of your parents for 300 years had beatem them into obedient submission.

But, my beloved brothers and sisters, the christian religion you now are believing in so strongly came down to you from your slavemasters. They kept that religion and its secrets guarded from your parents’ ears for 300 years.

What was then so sacred in Christianity ? What was so sacred in the bible which they kept locked away from the slaves? What was so sacred about these things that the slavemaster did not want his slaves to read or ever hear preached? It it was so good, why didn’t he want his slave to hear this good then? Why didn’t he want his slave to believe in God then?

First of all, the slave master did not want the slaves to know the truth about God nor about His true religion, fearing that the slave would then begin looking for his god to deliver him from his white oppressors.

I know some of you are afraid to listen to this truth but I am going to preach it to you unitl you are free of that fear.

A man told me a few years ago that I would be wasting my time to come to Georgia. He said that the Negroes in Georgia were more afraid of white people than you will find anywhere else on this earth. I told him that I myself was born in Georgia and did not see why they should be afraid of the white man, I told him that I was a grown man, married and with two children when I left Georgia. I also told him that they need not fear the white man; the only thing they need to fear is the fear within themsleves.

I say to you that your fear of the white man is THE GREAT EVIL.

Fear is of such nature that it will make you deprive yourself of your own salvation. Fear is the enemy that will make you stoop and bring yourself to disgrace before the world. Fear is the real enemy that you and I should throw into the garbage can.

My beloved people: you say you have the true religion of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. How do you know? I am not asking you to answer these questions, because God has missioned me to answer them for you. You don’t know the answers. All you know is what you have heard your slave master say.

You say Christianity is the right religion and that you believe in God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Ghost. You believe that this Jesus is God’s son and that He gave His son to save you.

You say that the Holy Ghost “overpowered” a virgin girl named Mary, yet you don’t call the child the son of the Holy Ghost, you call the child “the son of God” You charge God with being the father of this virgin girl’s child.

My beloved brothers and sisters how could you accept a religion that teaches you to believe the God of righteousness was responsible for making a virgin girl in Palestine pregnant with a child 2000 years ago, called this child his “son” and let this “son” die for the sins of the wicked world?

When a man is not married to a woman and he commits such a sinful act it is called adultery. God is not married to a woman and if He commits such a sinful act that produces a child out of wedlock, which actually opens the gateway of abultery to the entire world, then it is a shame to ask me to believe in that god.

We in Islam do nor ascribe”sonship” to Almighty God, because He has no son. All of us are His “spiritual” children, but He has no physical son. To say that God has produced a physical son out of wedlock (without being married to the mother of that son), and then placed this son before our eyes and say, “This is my beloved son; all who believe in him and follow him shall be saved,” actually opens the gateway for all kinds of adultery and other indicent acts.

God had already told His prophet Moses that the people should be stoned to death for adultery. Now if God had come 2000 years after giving the law against adultery to Moses, and after “courting” or “overpowering” Mary and she was a virgin girl who had never been touched by any man, and yet she became pregnant with His child, and that child is the flesh and blood “son” of God. . . then the Christians are charging God Himself with having committed adultery with Mary.

This just could not have been done if God was a spirit. If He was a spirit He could not father a flesh and blood son. He would have to have a son like Himself. If He was a spirit, then His son would have to be a spirit too. And, if He did beget a son by Mary, then all other woman would be justified in producing sons that same way, by committing adultery and then blaming it on the “spirit.”.

The Westen world is always defending Christianity and they mock me and other Islamic teachers. They do not want Islam preached to you , but the reason you are hearing it today is because it is time.

This preaching of Islam to you today cannot be stopped; it is like the Rising of the Sun . . . right on time.

Shriners Are “Moslems”

Here in America there are also three and one-half million indirect belevers in Islam, in the secret order called Shriners, or Higher Masons. When you take the 33 degree in masonry you are no longer called a Mason; you are then called a Moslem Son, and in that order (or degree) you are taught the prayers of the Moslems and you come under the teachings of Islam.

In that High Degree you are taught to turn your face Eastward, toward the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia. All of this is part of the Moslem religion, Islam.

Today, Islam must be taught to the so-called America Negroes. You must learn about this religion, because there can be no judgment of the devil and his wicked world until after you (the lost people of God ) have heard the truth about God and the truth about the devil as I am teaching you today.

It is only after you have heard the teaching of Islam that you can make a wise choice between God and the devil. We are not trying to force you to accept Islam, but we are trying to make you realize that we know what is in store for this world; we know what tomorrow will bring.

Therefore, we are not in fear of losing our lives, but we will lay down our lives this very minute for the truth. We are not running from death; we are running only to save lives . . .YOUR LIVES!!!

You must have freedom, Justice , and Equality. You cannot be free as long as you are calling yourselves by your slave master’s name; you cannot be free as long as you do not know who you are; you cannot be free as long as you do not know your own people; you cannot be free as long as you don’t know how to even ask for freedom.

Beloved brothers and sisters, God has given me the key that will open the door of freedom, justice and equality that has been locked against you. You must be taught a knowledge of your own God. My mission is to make you acquainted with Him to prepare you to meet Him face to face.

God Is Real.

God in not a mystery today; He is not something invisible. He is not a spirit. He is not something other than flesh and blood; He is in the flesh and in the blood. God is a human being ! God would have no joy or pleasure in humans (us) if He Himself were something other than a human being. God would have no joy or pleasure in the material universe if He Himself were other than material.

The Devil Is Real.

The devil is also a flesh and blood human being. The devil is not an invisible spirit. The bible and the Holy Quran both plainly state that God is going to destroy the devil in a Lake of Fire in “the last days.” If the devil was an invisible he could not be destroyed. You can destroy a man but you cannot destroy a spirit. So I repeat to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, God and the devil both are flesh and blood human beings.

There is no such thing as seeing God or the devil after you die. There is no such thing as a heaven up in the sky or a hell down in the ground. All of that is fantasy, false stories made up by your slave master to further enslave you.

God is a man ! The devil is a man ! Heaven and hell are two conditions, and both are experienced in this life right here on this earth.

You have already suffered the worse kind of hell in the hands of the only real devil! It is the devil who did not want you to know this truth that God has missioned me to teach my people.

He is afraid that when you learn his real identity you will then separate yourselves from him and thereby escape the fiery destruction God has prepared for him. He wants to keep you from your salvation in the hereafter. He knows that without this truth that I am teaching you, you could never avoid the fire that God has ordained for him and enter into the Hereafter.

And by HEREAFTER, we mean the Kingdom of Righteousness that God will establish “here” on this earth “after” the devil has been destroyed in the Divine Lake of Fire.

God’s Coming

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it has been predicted by all the prophets that God is coming. Well, if God is coming (and He must be coming because the whole world claims to be “looking” for Him ), then He must be something visible.

If He is an invisible spirit then the world wouldn’t be “looking” for Him to come. The world couldn’t say, “we will see Him”. . . because we don’t “look” for a spirit, we feel for a spirit.

If God is a spirit and He says He made Adam in His own image and likeness, then I say to you Adam would have been a spirit;  But God did not make a spirit.He made a man like Himself. Man looks like God and God looks like man because God is a Man. Man acts like God; he acts with power. Man does not just sit down and wait for the wheat to grow itself, harvest itself, make itself into flour, bake itself, and then bring itself to him to eat, does he? No !!!

Man plants the wheat, man cultivates it, man thrashes it, man grinds it into flour, man bakes the bread, and then man eats its. If man sits all day in the house waiting for a spirit to produce that bread he would starve to death. No spirit in heaven or in hell will bring you bread … . and no spirit in heaven or in hell will bring you freedom, justice, or equality.

Devil’s Imps.

I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, your slave master and his imps (the Negro peachers) have blinded you by such ignorant teachings and today you are still foolishly sending your praises and your prayers to an invisible God who is supposed to be somewhere out in space, and who cannot be found by you until after you die.

And , this same ignorant doctrine has you believing there is an invisible devil down in the earth somewhere beneath your feet . . . while in reality the devil is right here on top of the earth, walking around on two feet like you are, and you are looking at him every day.

The Diving Being.

God is a man,a flesh and blood being, but He is a Diving Being.

Why do we call God a Divine Being?

Because He is a like we are but His wisdom, power, and other capabilities and attributes are Supreme. . .making Him the Highest Power, the Supreme in Power, or Supreme Power. He is a being like ourselves, but He has the Divine Capacity of exercising His Power or to project through His Power the powers of the Universe. . . and therfore we call Him the Supreme Being and the God of the Universe.

He has the Divine Power to will whatever He wishes and to bring it into existence with His Divine Will. But He is not an invisible spirit somewhere up in the Sky. His home is right here on this earth.

I would defy any spirit outside the the spirit that is in a man to do anything for me or to me.  I would defy any devil that is outside of a man to do anything for me or to me. But I do recognixe the devil in those that can do us harm and have done us harm.

No spirit independent of man can do us harm or good.

Down To Earth.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, let us bring our minds out of the sky; let us stop being spooky; let us learn to face reality; let us look around here on this earth as other intelligent and civilized people are doing.

Here in Atlanta is the seat of education for the so-called Negroes in this country. Yet most Negroes here are still locked into the most crowded and undesirable areas.

Therefore, I would like to know what are our educated people doing with this education to elevate the living standards of your own people, and to eliminate the misery and poverty yet suffered by the so-called Negro masses who do not have education?

You who are college graduates, and you who are educators and instructors here in Atlanta Georgia : I would like for you to tell me what you are doing with this education you have received from the white man toward making your own people more independent ?

What are you doing for your people with your education? Should not you take that education to unite your people and bring them up out of the “mud of ignorance,” and make them an independent people?

But with all your education you yourself are still dependent upon your slave master for a job,and for your food, clothing and shelter. With your education, you have enough land and farmers to do something about the condition of the so-called American Negro.

Follow Me.

But you must first agree that the most important ingredient has been omitted from your education, and that is the knowledge of God, the devil, of yourself, and of your enemy.

Accept Allah and His true religion (Islam), and come and follow me.

I am God’s Messenger to you. I have the keys to your salvation.

Come and follow me and I will show you how to use your education, your skills and talents, for the good of your own people and yourself.

In the unity and harmony and Brotherhood created by the religion of Islam, it is easy for us to pool our knowledge and finance to set farms and grow food to feed our people; we can set up factories to manufacture our own necessities, and other businesses with which we can establish trade and commerce and become independent as other civilized people are.

Then, in whis way you will be using your education to bring your people out of the slums and the breadlines. They will cease to be the “last hired and the first fired.” when you use your education to make jobs for them.

God ‘s Last Messenger.

I thank you , my beloved brothers and sisters, for being here this afterrnoon , and listerning so attentively to this truth.

I am God’s last Messenger to you. You must acccept Allah as God.

You must know that Islam is your religion. Come and follow me; let me teach you, and I will put 20 million so-called America Negroes over night on the road to success . . . on the road toward complete independance in a home of your own, where you will never any more have to beg anyone for freedom, justice or equality.

Thank you, my beloved Brothers and Sisters. May

Allah forever bless you, as I leave you wirh the greetings of the peaceful and the righteous:

As- Salaam – Alaikum . . .which means,”peace be unto you.”

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